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  • Are you a first-year student?

    To access your Moodle courses you must first set up your UofL account on the Bridge.

  • Transfer Course Content

    Do you want to build off of a previously taught Moodle course?
    We can transfer over your content into the Fall term
    Just fill out the form:

  • Making your Course Visible

    Moodle courses are hidden from students by default.
    Once you are ready to release your course content
    you may follow these steps:

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  • Student Resources

Student resources were created for students who are looking for answers regarding Moodle and the Testing Centre.

View the full list of student resources by clicking here.

  • Instructor Tutorials

Instructor tutorials were created for Moodle users such as staff, teaching assistants, or instructors, who want to learn how to set up Moodle or use tools such as the Gradebook.

View the full list of instructor tutorials by clicking here.


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