To access Moodle click here.

If you have a course previously taught in Moodle it is very easy to get your content moved over into a future/current semester. You are not required to create your online course component from scratch every semester, we can move your pervious course over to edit and revise as needed.

You will notice that you have access to the last semester under Previous Term Courses, if this is the course you wish to move over you are welcome to go through the steps yourself, as listed below.

If you require access to a course earlier then the last semester you will have to fill out a request and we will retrieve your course from the backups.

To send us a request for a course transfer please complete the form by clicking on Transfer Content:
Transfer Content

To perform the course transfer yourself follow the steps below:

Backing up the course:

1. Go into the course that you want to backup
2. Click on Backup in the Settings Block
3. Uncheck Include Enrolled Users
4. Click the Next button at the bottom
5. Moodle will show you everything that will be backed up - check this over and click the Next button at the bottom
6. At the bottom of the next screen, click the Perform Backup button
7. Once the backup completes, you will be able to download the backup file (.mbz) to your computer.

Next step is to Restore the course:

1. Go to your current course. 
2. Click into the course that you want to restore
3. Click on Restore under the Settings Block
4. At the top, choose the local backup file that you want to restore and upload it.
5. Once it has uploaded, you will be able to click the Restore button below the file that you restored.
6. Moodle will show you a list of everything that is going to be restored - take a look and make sure everything is there. Scroll down and click on Continue at the bottom.
7. On the next screen, you will want to use the Restore into this course option and MERGE it with this course.
8. Click through the next few screens (use the next button at the bottom)
9. Once you click the Perform Restore button your old course should be restored in your new course.

You can now begin updating your course for the new term.

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