To access Moodle click here.

You can include YouTube videos in your Moodle course. This tutorial will walk you through how to embed the video into your course.

To embed a video in your Moodle page, first make sure editing is turned on. 

 Next, open the Topic/Section you wish to place the video. Click on the small gear icon to open the settings for that topic/section.



You can uncheck the Use Default Section Name to change the title of the Section if you wish to do so. When you uncheck the box, you will notice that you are able to type in the field to change the title. 


Change the title if you wish. The default for this example is 'Section 10'. We will change it to read 'Critical Self Reflection'.

Next, in the summary, you may give a brief statement about the topic/section or video if you wish. Type in a word for the video, such as '(video)'. Highlight that word and click on the link button.

In another browser window, find the URL to your YouTube Video. Copy, and Paste the link into the Link URL field. 

Click on Insert.

Click Save Changes at the bottom.

 Your video will now be embedded into your Moodle page, and your Section Title will be changed.

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