To access Moodle click here.

You may be enrolled in a class that requires the use of an iClicker. Here is what you need to know to get started. 

*Do not register your remote on the iClicker website*

To register your iClicker remote in Moodle, please follow these steps:

1. Login to Moodle and find your course.

2. Scroll down on the left hand side, there is a box that says iClicker.

3. Click on the link for Student Registration.

4. In the box, put the ID number from the back of your iClicker remote. There is a reference to the right that shows you where to find your ID information. If your sticker is worn off, please see us in the Teaching Centre to help recover your ID number.

For detailed instructions this video will walk you through the process. iClicker Registration in Moodle

NOTE: You only need to register your iClicker once in Moodle. This registration will transfer to all courses using iClicker with Moodle.

Pre-owned iClickers
You can register a clicker that has been previously registered by another student. Please note that you do not need to register your iClicker remote on the iClicker website. iClicker is charging $6.99 to register used clickers and you will avoid that charge if you register in Moodle. You can share iClickers as long as you are not in the same class or section as the other student that you are sharing with.

If you do not see the iClicker block on the bottom left hand side of your Moodle course, your instructor may not have enabled it.

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