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At the University of Lethbridge, not all classes will have a Moodle course component. Instructors are given the option to use Moodle if they wish. If your instructor has informed you that the course will be online in Moodle but you are unable to see the course please check the following.


To determine if your course will have online resources and activities you can first look at your course outline to see if there is mention of an online course listing. Next you can ask your instructor. If your instructor chooses to use Moodle, they will be the one who populates the course with resources and activities, so they would be the best resource to find out if the moodle course is active. Not all instructors will release the class to students immediately, they may choose to wait a week or two before the content is available.

If your instructor states that yes you do have a Moodle course available, but you are still unable to access it, please take the following steps:


1. Check to make sure you are able to login to the Bridge using your UofL username and password. 

If you are a first time student at the UofL you will need to login to the Bridge to get your name pushed through the systems. If however, you are not able to login to the Bridge there is an issue with your username and password and you will have to contact the IT Solutions Centre to get it sorted out. 


2. Make sure you are not using a bookmarked link at the beginning of each semester. 

Moodle servers will change to host courses each semester, so if you are using a bookmarked link it will be referencing a previous semester. To find the current Moodle link visit the web tools and choose Moodle


3. Confirm that you do not have any outstanding issues with the Registrars Office.

The Registrars Office has control over the system that integrates student records into moodle, and they can restrict your access to Moodle if they have reason to. For example, if you have unpaid university fees your access may be pulled from Moodle until you are able to pay those fees. 


4. Inform your instructor.

Let your instructor know about the problem. There is a chance they may have built the course content however forgot to open the course to students keeping the class hidden. This is a very common issue and is easily resolved, but does require the instructor to be informed of the situation to continue.


5. If you have checked over all possible issues listed above contact the Teaching Centre.

If you are still unable to find a solution please submit an email to the Teaching Centre so they can help you trouble shoot the issue. [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] Provide as much detail in the email as possible, so that we are better able to troubleshoot the issue as quickly as possible. If we know what troubleshooting steps you have already taken this will speed up the process. The Teaching Centre will work with you and the instructor to make sure the problem is resolved.


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