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If you are an instructor and want to use the Testing Centre to have your students write an exam, here is some information that you should know about how the Testing Centre operates as well as the information you will need to provide to us in the Teaching Centre so we can book your exam properly.

NOTE regarding final exam policies from the UofL Academic Calendar. 

Final examinations must be held on the date set by the Registrar. In the case of final examinations written in the testing centre, examinations may be opened on or after the first day of the scheduled examination period. Test centre examinations must be scheduled for completion no earlier than the day scheduled by the Registrar and no later than the last day of the final examination period.

1. Determine what kind of exam you would like to write. 

Currently, the Testing Centre, only manages the proctoring of exams that will take place within Moodle, and does not allow exclusive bookings of the room. Plan to have your exam run for a period of time, typically a couple of days to a week.

IMPORTANT! If you have a written paper exam, the Testing Centre will not proctor that exam for you. If you do prefer to have your students write a paper exam, an option to consider is booking a room on campus for the appropriate amount of time and proctoring the exam yourself, or with the help of a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

If you do plan on using Moodle for your exams, follow the rest of the steps below.

2. Determine when you would like the exam to be written and also how long your students will have to complete the exam.

The Testing Centre can get busy, so it is a good idea to book your exams in advance. Keep in mind that your exam is likely not the only exam being written, so the exact date and time you want, may not be available. If this happens you may be asked to adjust your exam window by a day forward or back, please be prepared for this possibility.

NOTE: We require that you book your exam at least 5 business days before your exam occurs. If you do not book within that time limit, there is a possibility that your exam will not be accommodated within the Testing Centre.

Also determine how much time you would like your students to have. This refers to the time limit of the exam once the students have begun writing. If your students will only get 1 hour to complete the exam be sure to let us know this. The Teaching Centre Moodle Team or you can update the exam settings to reflect this time limit. 

Determine the span of time that the students will be able to access the exam in the Testing Cente. Hosting an exam in the Test Centre not only frees up more class time for instruction, but it also allows you to give your students some flexibility as to when they write their exam. You can allow your students to write their exam over 3 days, 4 days, or even a week. 

NOTE: Although the Moodle Team in the Teaching Centre will work with you to book these exams, it is the responsibility of the instructor to check the exam for correct opening dates and times before the exam begins. 

3. Do your students need any special allowances?

The Testing Centre is a secure testing environment. Students are never given the password, and the browser of the computer they write their exam on, has a security lock that will not allow students to access any other internet materials. 

However, sometimes students will need access to certain materials, such as a calculator, a language translator, or even a formula sheet. Be sure to determine what these special allowances are for your students before the exam is underway. The proctors will not let in notes or devices such as calculators unless the Teaching Centre specified the allowance when the exam was booked. 

4. Do you have any special case students?

You may encounter students in your class that due to a learning disability or other impairment, may need extra time, a quiet room, or other special requirements. These special case students will be set up with the Accommodated Learning Centre. The ALC will contact us at The Teaching Centre to set up the Moodle exam requirements for these special case students. 

5. Make sure your exam is constructed properly before testing begins.

After you have built your exam in Moodle be sure to preview the exam to see how it works. Are the images showing properly? Is randomization working? If you have any questions about the functionality of your exam, please contact the Teaching Centre as soon as possible.

6. Determine how and when you want to release grades and feedback to the students.

In Moodle, the exam settings have the ability to suppress the release of grades, feedback, and even student answers, until the exam is done.  Be sure to look through the exam settings to determine how you want this feedback released. 

Here are some common configurations.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

If you are unsure of this configuration, please consult with the Moodle Team in the Teaching Centre before your exam opens. 

If you follow these steps, it will be very helpful when we try and book your exam in the Testing Centre. Our Moodle Team in the Teaching Centre is here to help you, and if you have any questions about booking an exam or constructing an exam, we are glad to help.

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