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How to Preview a Moodle Quiz

Once you have your quiz set up in Moodle it is highly recommended to preview your quiz to make sure everything looks and works as you wish before the exam opens to students.

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Importing Essay and Short Answer Questions

Rather than creating individual questions in Moodle you can import a document with multiple questions at a time. To import short answer and/or essay questions into Moodle you must follow some simple formatting and save the file as a GIFT file format for importing into Moodle. 

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Importing Aiken Formatted Questions

Rather than creating individual questions in Moodle you can have multiple questions constructed in a text document that you can then import into Moodle. The Aiken Format provides you with an easy way to import multiple choice questions into Moodle.

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Randomizing Quiz Questions in Moodle

When adding questions to a quiz in Moodle you can choose to keep those questions in order, randomly select from categories, or create new questions as you go along. In this tutorial we will show you how to randomize questions in your Moodle quiz.

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Scheduling an Exam in the Testing Centre

To schedule an exam in the Testing Centre you will need have the following information:

  • The requested dates for running your exam. Please note for larger class sizes you will have to run your exam for a minimum of 3 days. The scheduling works on a first come, first serve basis, so please get your exam dates to us as early as possible to get the dates you want. 
  • The number of students in your class.
  • Your course name, number, and section.

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